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Roubler + Original Mattress Factory

Discover how Roubler transformed OMF operational management and boost focus on their people and culture.

In the bustling landscape of retail and manufacturing, OMF stands as a testament to rapid growth and adaptability.  Since its inception in 2006 in Prospect, NSW, OMF has grown into 54 stores across Australia and ensures they are constantly creating real quality and real value for their customers.

The challenge

Under the leadership of CEO Ian Van, the company was navigating through key transitions, including a significant phase of expansion, particularly in Queensland and Victoria. Throughout these developments, the challenge of untangling messy workforce management and creating a better business flow emerged as a crucial priority.

Kate Lewis, the Head of People and Culture at OMF, shared some insights into the company’s journey towards updating labour intensive manual processing and ensuring compliance with the industry award;

“Compliance was our first priority, closely followed by user friendliness”.

Kate Lewis

The solution

Transitioning from a clunky, over-engineered system proposed under previous management to Roubler, was an easy strategic decision. OMF prides itself on its nimble operations which ensured Roubler’s introduction was a breath of fresh air, offering a solution that resonated with flexibility and agile handling of their workforce. It marked a departure from outdated practices, like the use of excel spreadsheets and faxing for schedule changes, to a more sophisticated, digital, all-encompassing system. 

Roubler’s comprehensive features, from onboarding and rostering to payroll management, aligned perfectly with OMF’s operational needs. The onboarding feature, although not initially a priority, proved to be a significant administrative hook. Additionally, the integration with the Learning Management System Go1 underscored financial savings and efficiency gains, further cementing Roubler’s value.

The results

  • Roubler has eliminated the discrepancies caused by manual time calculations, ensuring accurate tracking of hours based on rostered times, simplifying the rostering process, and allowing for advance scheduling without immediate publishing.
  • The platform has significantly simplified the onboarding process, reduced paperwork, and made updating personal details easy, streamlining communication and documentation across departments.
  • The ability to flag overtime automatically helps maintain compliance with labour regulations and standards, while the clock-in/out feature ensures employees generate their own accurate timesheets, easing managerial tasks.
  • Roubler offers a unified platform for managing multiple store operations, preventing scheduling conflicts, and providing clear visibility into variations from rosters to timesheets, alongside comprehensive reports on budgeted hours, wages, and leave for all team members.
hg retail employee holding roubler mobile app

“We knew we needed something where the implementation was palatable. The look and feel of the system is easy and straightforward, the UI is user-friendly and didn’t take much convincing on how to use the system, especially the app ”


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