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NRA and Roubler Partnership

The National Retail Association (NRA) has joined forces with Roubler in order to provide their members with the very best industry advocacy and support services.

The NRA is Australia’s chief non-for-profit retail industry organisation. They work with businesses of varying sizes, from small one store vendors to large national chains. The NRA has been powered by strong member relationships for nearly 100 years, servicing retail, fast food and service industries. They deliver advice to over a thousand businesses across the country. The NRA aim to help each of their members grow to their maximum potential by providing them the best industry-based advice and guidance.

In a rapidly evolving industry, the NRA aims to keep its members up-to-date on the latest trends and technologies. The NRA provides members key industry insights across a variety of crucial areas, including:

  • Consumer patterns
  • Technology, data security, and innovation
  • Forecasting
  • Workforce planning

The NRA values service, integrity, advocacy, innovation and leadership. These values align with those of workforce manage solution Roubler, and have led to this advisory partnership. The NRA’s team is exceptionally trained and experienced, with decades of experience within the industry. The NRA team’s experience has demonstrated to them that the way in which businesses operate their HR and payroll has a direct economic impact on the company.

The strategic partnership between Roubler and the NRA will provide members access to a fully compliant, cost effective workforce management solution. With the combined retail industry and shift based workforce experience of Roubler and the NRA, members are assured a tailored, effective solution to their HR and payroll requirements.

The NRA understands that all business decisions, no matter large or small, impact the bottom line and overheads. They understand that smart business decisions can save a company thousands of dollars. The strategic partnership with Roubler is providing NRA members a seamless way to manage their retail HR and payroll needs.