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Modernising Human Resources

Modernising Human Resources IT for a Digital People Era

Is your organisation like many others, facing critical HR software modernisation issues? You’re not alone. Many ask do we upgrade platforms & processes incrementally, or in one go?

McKinsey & Company Modernising IT for a digital era insights below should help.

1. End-to-end modernisation can have a significantly positive impact on operations and technology, for example;

  • 20-30% increase on IT productivity
  • 30-40% increase on employee motivation

2. The long-favoured incremental approach to modernization may entail fewer short term risks but can create much more significant risks in the medium and long term, which limit companies’ growth and competitiveness, and negatively impact their customers through disconnected products and services.

3. Compared with incrementalism, the end-to-end path toward a modern IT landscape can be riskier, and potentially more expensive. In most cases, however, avoiding duplicate work leads to lower costs. And, ultimately, end-to-end modernization may ensure that companies have the right IT capabilities for decades rather than just the next few year

Modernising Human Resources IT for a Digital People Era




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