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Australian Government agencies today have fewer resources and less time to accomplish a higher volume of tasks. Furthermore, the efficiency, finances, and compliance of Government agencies are under increasingly tough scrutiny. Roubler can help you stay on top of your workforce management so that you’re always putting your best face forward.

Roubler’s cloud-based technology allows Government agencies to take full advantage of their employees across the board. You can easily recognise your best working staff, as well as identify in seconds if any skills gaps exist in your team. Enhance your agency’s efficiencies and lower costs today.

How it works
  • Improve your overall efficiency by relinquishing HR burden

    Complete all of your HR admin – hiring, rostering, managing, and paying your employees – much more efficiently than ever before. Roubler takes advantage of an intuitive algorithm to complete all mundane and laborious administrative errands in minutes, all you have to do is click. Roubler takes care of HR so you can focus on completing your important projects.

  • Hire well-trained and experienced staff

    Once you’ve posted a job ad with Roubler, each candidate is automatically assessed with a ranking out of 100. Roubler considers previous job performance, their fit for your workplace culture, and their suitability to the specific role requirements. Only interview people who can truly contribute to your Government agency.

  • Maintain complete transparency

    With media scrutiny of Government agencies more intense than it has ever been, it’s crucial that your agency be fully transparent. Roubler allows you to generate reports to demonstrate exactly what your agency is achieving, as well as detailed analysis of compliant payroll.

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