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  • Easily manage employee details

    Onboarding is easy with Roubler intuitively pre-populating its database from information provided in resumes and sourcing any missing details directly from the employee. Roubler eliminates the frustrating paper trail by providing employees 24/7 to their profile page, where they can enter their details or make any changes, automatically reducing your admin costs. Roubler’s end-to-end workforce management service means that once the data is in the system, it never needs to be entered again.

  • Manage efficiently within a fast-paced environment

    Roubler’s automated, online platform is in real-time and performs tasks instantly from your mobile so you can easily keep at pace with the ever-changing nature of your operations.

  • Manage your labour costs

    Roubler auto-rosters to the best performance/cost ratios. By predicting the best skill/candidate/cost mix, your rosters provide maximum value by minimising costs and maximising performance.


Using Roubler’s job ad template, identify your specific candidate requirements such as previous catering experience and RSA certification. After just one click, Roubler will send your vacant role across many job boards to grab the attention of hundreds of job seekers. The cost of Roubler searching and advertising on your behalf is 90% less than if you were to place the advertisement yourself. Roubler will then automatically shortlist and rank which applicants are most suitable for your particular workforce requirements, ready for you to approve.

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In the catering industry, each new employee needs to have a certain demeanour, and the right skills and experience behind them. Roubler’s unique machine learning algorithm will assess each of the applicants to your role, and rank them based on their suitability to your workplace. Don’t spend hours sifting through piles of resumes. Seamlessly find the perfect new member for your catering team.

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Each catering company has a unique approach to their trade, and to how they train new staff for the business. Roubler understands that, so we designed our onboarding software to be completely customisable. Upload catering procedures, industry requirements, and safety manuals into Roubler’s mobile-accessible system so that each new employee can be onboarded with ease. Plus, Roubler will automatically transfer personal details from the application into the system to eliminate data entry.

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Scheduling can be truly difficult for the catering industry, as you operate long hours across various times of the day. If your catering business functions on complicated hours or across multiple sites, Roubler is the easiest way to roster. Roubler’s scheduling software can auto-produce a roster for each job based on availabilities, costings, and staff efficiencies. Roster each catering job to its full potential.

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Time and Attendance

Gathering time and attendance data is difficult when there is no set location for your employees. With Roubler’s software, your rostered staff simply have to sign in and out on their phone or portable workplace device at the beginning and end of a scheduled shift. These hours are then ready for manager approval, and then will be sent straight into the payroll portal.

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Business Intelligence.

In the catering industry, you need each client to be happy with the service provided, so it’s crucial that you’re able make sure every staff member is performing. Roubler’s business analytics lets you view in real-time the performance of your team. Easily identify gaps in skills and training, and make sure every client will speak highly of your business.

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Fully managed payroll

With split shits, several clients throughout the day, penalty rates and overtime, payroll can become very susceptible to error. For better operational efficiency and accuracy, let Roubler manage your payroll. Our payroll service is completely compliant with modern awards, and are we are experts in calculating payment for overtime, split-shifts, and superannuation.

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