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In the Australian agriculture industry, it has never been more important than now to know all the numbers for your business. You’re under the pump to produce more with less time and resources to spare, and both the market and climate are volatile. The industry is becoming increasingly competitive as international businesses enter the market, and disrupt margins. Roubler can help you optimise the management of your farm so that you’re always reaching your business’s maximum potential.

Roubler’s cloud-based and live technology lets farming, grazing, horticulture and agri-business operations run to their optimum efficiency and profitability. You can easily view live records of your farm’s operations and turnover, as well as identify in seconds if operations aren’t running to their maximum proficiency. We’ll take care of all your HR and administrative needs, so you can focus on your agri-business. Improve your farm’s efficiencies and lower overhead costs today.

How it works
  • Complete visibility of operations and costings

    Our end-to-end workforce management solution for the agriculture industry seamlessly integrates all facets of HR and administration into one mobile platform. Manage the hiring, onboarding and rostering of all your employees, at the same time as tracking the performance and turnover of your business. Roubler provides full visibility into your farm’s profitability, and will help to ensure you’re always running the most profitable agri-business possible.

  • Manage efficiently within a fast-paced environment

    Roubler’s automated, mobile online platform operates in real-time and performs tasks instantly from the palm of your hand. That way, you’ll easily keep up-to-date with with the ever-changing nature of operations on your farm.

  • Manage all sectors of your agri-business efficiently

    Roubler enables you to manage the organisational and administrative processes of all sectors of your agribusiness from one location. Heighten efficiencies by employing staff with proven performance across different sites, or utilising flexible roster mix options. Communicating with employees has never been easier – team members have 24/7 access to their personal profiles plus SMS, email and push notifications about shift details, reminders or changes.

End to End Features

You’ve identified a particular skills gap within your agricultural business, and need it filled ASAP. With Roubler, you can create an ad for your new role in minutes, and our software will share it across hundreds of job boards to find you the perfect fit.

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Each farm and agri-business has very specific requirements. When you’re hiring a new employee, there are a lot of criteria they need to fill, however you don’t have hours free to assess hundreds of resumes. Roubler can help. Our intelligent software will examine all applications for your open position, and assess them against your specific agri-business role outline. Never hire an under-trained and unqualified candidate again.

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There’s a lot to learn before starting a new role on a farm, and onboarding can typically be a stressful process. Roubler eliminates all the hassle involved in onboarding a new team member. Simply load any learning materials into the mobile system, and employees can access and read them before they start work. Roubler auto-fills all employee details from the resume, so manual data entry becomes a thing of the past.

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Early starts, split-shifts and multi-sites are common in the agriculture industry. With Roubler, you can manage all rostering scenarios, and any other complicated mix of hours and contracts, with total ease. Generate your own roster, or have Roubler generate one for you based on staff efficiency and wage costings.

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Managing time and attendance across multiple farms, or large properties, can be difficult. With Roubler, each staff member simply clocks in and out of their rostered shift. Our inbuilt time clock is available via mobile device, or designated workplace device, for ease of use. Hours can be approved in seconds, and sent straight to payroll.

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Roubler’s unique business analytics offerings are the easiest way to optimise the profitability of your agri-business. Gain insight into turnover, safety occurrences, skill levels, employee performance and more, all in real time. Access instant labour costs, and compare them against similar industries on a global level. Have complete visibility of your agri-business management, and retain a competitive advantage.

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Roubler’s payroll service is fully award compliant, meaning that your workers will always receive an accurate wage, even if your agri-business employs an intricate mix of contracted, casual, and full-time staff. Plus, we provide an array of flexible payroll reporting options so that you can see exactly where your money is going.

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