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In the accounting industry, you spend copious amounts of time managing and organising other people’s finances. Accuracy, reliability, and transparency are absolutely key to the success of your business. This requires your workforce to be running smoothly at all times. Employing the right payroll software to complete the pay runs for your clients is crucial. Picking the wrong software can lead to errors, non-compliance, and a bad reputation.

Many outdated payroll systems are clunky and unreliable, and many of them cannot integrate smoothly with third party software. Roubler is the perfect fully managed payroll solution for your accounting firm. Roubler has over 15 years’ experience managing payroll, and we always deliver an accurate, compliant, on-time payroll. Keep your clients happy, and have the peace of mind that you’ll never be caught out making payroll errors again.

How it works
  • Access the Payroll System Anytime, Anywhere

    Roubler’s cloud software allows you to manage payroll for your clients from any location on your mobile device. Increase your efficiency and save time by having time and attendance data directly imported into the payroll portal. Plus, Roubler’s multi-site functionality allows you to manage a client’s payroll across several offices.

  • Ensure Complete Award Compliance

    Roubler stores all employee data within the system for the entire employee lifecycle. From this data, Roubler automatically calculates the appropriate remuneration for each staff member against the relevant industry modern award. Roubler is fully compatible with your accounting software, so when payroll is completed, this information will be updated in your accounting software. Manual data entry is completely eliminated, which drastically reduces the chance of errors.

  • Full Transparency and Accuracy

    Roubler offers a wide range of payroll reporting options. The system will automatically generate reporting on pay, ATO compliance, taxes, and employee leave. Hence, your clients can see exactly where their money is going, and you’ll be able to present all documents needed if you are audited.

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