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5 Tips on Creating a More Human Workplace

We’ve all experienced workplaces that didn’t feel comfortable. They felt cold and intimidating, and this is becoming more and more common today. We spend over one-third of our entire day at work. Shouldn’t it be a positive, encouraging experience?

How often are you actually excited to go to work? Do you ever feel like you’re just a number in your company and that you aren’t valued as a human being? Your workplace might be suffering from a lack of humanity. This means your employees don’t feel heard. They don’t feel like the office has life and positive energy.

A human workplace knows what team members need and it encourages both customers and employees to meet their needs. In a human workplace, everyone feels comfortable communicating openly. There is a level of trust that can’t be replicated in an inhuman space. But, how can you add more humanity to your workplace? It might be easier than you think.

1. Look for Employee Strengths

With such a competitive market, it’s easy for managers to focus on everything that’s going wrong in the company. While there’s nothing wrong with a critical approach, it’s important to know where your employees’ strengths lie. Instead of focusing solely on weaknesses, look at their strengths. What did they do right? What should they keep doing?

Paying attention to what employees do best is also a great way to find the strongest contributors to the team. Rewarding those who succeed shows your employees you trust them and that you value their input. Promoting from within and providing incentives for those who consistently do well is a great way to add humanity and encouragement.

2. Be Transparent

Gallup reports that employee engagement can create higher engagement outcomes. That means people look for ways to feel connected to their company. This all depends on a foundation of trust. They want to be informed about what’s going on in the company and how their work is paying off.

You can be transparent by creating a dialog for your entire team. Share what’s happening, and always be honest. Even if there’s something you’re unable to share, be open with your employees about why you can’t. When employees feel included, they’re more confident in their leaders and in the company as a whole.

3. Share Ideas

Your employees are one of your strongest assets as an organization, if not the strongest asset. How can you use them to your advantage? Ask for their ideas. They work on the front line every day. They know what’s going on with clients or customers, and they have great solutions. If you allow your employees’ ideas and suggestions to be heard and acted upon, they’ll feel more empowered to solve problems, think creatively, and promote the company.

4. Allow Freedom

When employees are micromanaged, they start to feel less motivated to work. They don’t feel valued, and they don’t feel trusted. It’s easy to offer small freedoms like using online employee scheduling software by Humanity or Roubler so employees can clock in and out on their own terms. For larger freedoms, things like remote work, flexible vacation, and more can speak volumes without costing the company.

Employee self-service is the new normal. Team members expect to feel responsible for their own daily practices like requesting time off, time sheets, and e-learning. These small liberties are said to lead to more productive employees, and that’s something everyone can get behind.

5. Accountability

We all make mistakes, even companies. It’s important for companies and leaders to own up to mistakes when they do happen, and to take action to remedy it. If your office has suffered from a lack of humanity in the past, take accountability. Your employees want to see leaders recognize the problem, and making real steps to improve the situation. Being sincere and honest goes a long way towards creating authentic trust.


How human is your workplace? The right time to make a change is today. Adding positivity, encouragement, and trust into your office doesn’t have to be complicated. These 5 tips above will make sure your employees no longer feel dread about going into work every day. We all deserve to feel confident in our company and what we’re working towards.


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