The long-term success of your franchise depends largely on finding the right people with the right qualifications. Your employees need to reflect the brand and represent the company’s core values. Hiring the right cultural fit is critical yet one of the most difficult and time-consuming challenges. When sifting through hundreds of resumes, it’s difficult to establish who is the right fit when no clear identifier exists. That’s where we can help.

Rouber’s system provides an exclusive cloud HR software platform that allows for recruitment, management, onboarding and payroll processes to be streamlined and efficient. As a result, you can access simplified, end-to-end solutions that improve your workforce efficiency and financial savings.

  • Hire ‘best fit’ staff for your franchise
  • Increase efficiencies by using one platform to manage your workforce across multi-stores
  • View workforce performance live
  • Ensure compliance by automating and centralising payroll
  • Improve efficiencies by centralising your HR function
  • Company-wide, on-demand staffing solutions
  • Eliminate HR admin

The end-to-end solution for your franchise’s workforce

Hire ‘best fit’ staff for your franchise

Ensuring you’re hiring the right attitude and personality is critical, especially you’re your business is situated in a multi-store environment. In order to make sure you’re always opting for the most suitable candidate, it’s important to have the time and knowledge towards scanning each prospect for the vacancy. That’s where Roubler comes in. We assign each candidate that’s applied with what’s called a ‘Roubler Rating’; a percentage figure that’s derived from an algorithm that considers previous job performance and how suitable they are for your objectives. We know each workplace is unique, which is why the rating differs depending on the workplace each candidate is applying to.

Increase efficiencies by using one platform to manage your workforce across multi-stores

Whatever the working environment may be, from single- to multi-store, you can easily manage workforce processes using a single platform-Roubler-from a single location. Increase the efficiency of your business via the use of staff in multiple stores or through the application of flexible rostering with just a few clicks of your mouse.

View workforce performance live

All key metrics—including staff turnover, absenteeism, lateness, skill requirements, safety incidents, overtime and shift management—is easily access through Roubler’s exclusive dashboard. Backed by advanced technology, these figures are consolidated and weighed automatically in real- [time, giving you the most important analytics when you need them most. You can view data based on an individual employee, a particular store or an amalgamation of every store to determine trends and other extended details. Better yet, if you’re on the go, you can get live updates directly to your device.

Ensure compliance by automating and centralising payroll

Because its functionality can cater to multiple stores in one, you’re able to easily manage your payroll across the board. When employees finish their shift, all relevant information (attendance, time worked, etc.) is automatically updated onto payroll. During the onboarding process their banking information was gathered, and using all of this you’re delivered a calculation of what they’re to be paid which you approve. All of the appropriate data is also updated into your accounting software, as well, so there really is no need at all for any data entry.

Improve efficiencies by centralising your HR function

This advanced platform provides a centralised HR functionality for multi-store franchises, which significantly reduces overheads and allows a much more streamlined way of running your franchise system.

Company-wide, on-demand staffing solutions

You have access to a specialist ‘reserves bench’, a list of candidates who you’ve ‘favourited’ from the short list but currently don’t have any job openings for. You’re able to advise them you’re interested, and any time down the track there’s an opening they’re ready and raring to come on board in a flash. Further to this, employees themselves have the option of being ‘on stand-by’ – they can work with a minimal amount of notice.

Eliminate HR admin

Say goodbye to piles of paperwork, tedious data entry and double-ups of work. This fully-integrated platform will scan and pre-fill information using resumes, and anything that’s missing is filled in by the employee once via their self-service page. Roubler is here to rid your life of admin and HR.

Use your existing franchise systems workforce or hire through us

Manage your franchise system workforce on your own, work through us, or choose to utilise both. With Roubler workforce management, it’s never been easier to boost efficiency and decrease expenses.

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