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Fill your roster using either employees from your own workforce, employees from Roubler’s workforce, or have a mix of both. Create them manually or have Roubler rostering software auto-fill it for you using information from previous rosters and cost/performance data. With your approval, Roubler auto-fills any last-minute vacancies. Once you’ve approved your roster, staff are notified directly through SMS, email and push notifications.

  • Auto roster in a single swipe
  • Direct employee communication
  • Auto-fill vacancies
  • Staff ‘on stand-by’
  • Easily manage lateness or last-minute absences
  • Schedule to budget
  • Staff performance algorithm
  • Optimise schedules to cost/performance ratio
  • Mobile scheduling
  • Multi-site scheduling and efficiency
  • Roster alerts
  • Centralise HR function

What our rostering software in Singapore includes:

Auto roster in a single swipe

Roubler’s automated, online intelligence uses information from past rosters to ‘auto roster’ in one swipe on any mobile device. It’s the intelligent way to schedule and a game-changer for those wanting to reclaim their time.

Direct employee communication

Roubler takes the communication hassles out of rostering and manages it all by notifying the employee directly about any new rosters, changes or shift reminders through SMS, email and push notifications.

Auto-fill vacancies

Roubler auto-fills vacancies by performing a comparative analysis against global, national, and site-specific performance data. To determine your workforce’s ‘best roster’ formula, this global and national data is consolidated and overlaid to your specific workforce and analysed in detail. Roubler’s sophisticated, online intelligence can identify which employee attributes, such as culture fit and skill sets, work and most importantly don’t work, specific to your workforce needs. Based on this highly complex information, Roubler auto-fills vacancies by searching for your ‘best fit’ candidate through the Roubler database, or by posting a job search. You can always be assured that your workforce performance is at its peak and remains competitive on a global and national scale.

Staff ‘on stand-by’

Roubler’s service includes an ‘on stand-by’ status whereby employees can identify themselves as being available to work at a last minute’s notice. You’ll never need worry about being short-staffed.

Easily manage lateness or last-minute absences

Prior to the start of shift, Roubler can predict if a particular employee will be late, upon which you’ll be notified. If you decide to replace that particular employee at the last minute, Roubler can cancel the current employee and source a replacement from the bench with one swipe on your mobile device, the ‘on-standby’ database or job boards. Roubler shortlists candidates who are not only close-by, but those best matched to the role and the organisation – ensuring there’s no compromise to quality of staff or the cost of labour budgeted for that shift.

Schedule to budget

Roubler peforms a live calculation of the labour cost as the schedule is being developed, resulting in more effective and efficient labour cost management.

Staff performance algorithm

Roubler’s inbuilt learning algorithm calculates individual employee’s preferred shifts, and those shifts which were conducive to high or low levels of performance. This ensures you are placing the right employees into the right shifts and maximising your workforce performance.

Optimise schedules to cost/performance ratio

Roubler predicts the best skill/candidate/cost mix meaning that your rosters provide maximum value by minimising costs and maximising performance.

Mobile scheduling

Access, create and manage your roster from any mobile device. Roubler has completely streamlined and automated the way you schedule.

Multi-site scheduling and efficiency

Roubler enables multi-site organisations to roster for a single site or across multiple sites from one location. Increase efficiencies through Roubler by using staff across different sites or utilising flexible, roster mix options.

Roster alerts

Roubler notifies you instantly if there is a roster issue or if an employee is working over their designated hours or outside of their agreement. Roubler’s auto-schedule service ensures that breaks and other award mandatories are included, helping to avoid any scheduling or award complaince issues.

Centralise HR function

Leverage the Roubler platform to centralise multisite HR functions and significantly reduce duplicated overhead, improve job sharing and labour- utilisation opportunities and reduce labour costs.

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