Payroll System Software in Singapore

Once the employee has completed their shift, their time attendance and time data is automatically synced with the system software, along with their personal and banking details collected at the on-boarding stage. Roubler then automatically calculates the payroll against award interpretation, and time and attendance information, ready for your tap of approval.

  • Accounting software integration
  • Fully integrated payroll
  • Synced employee details
  • Drag and drop employee information
  • Payroll error notifications
  • Automatic award compliance
  • Synced timesheets
  • One tap pay

Payroll system software features

Accounting software integration

Shares payroll information with your accounting system, through Roubler’s API integration. Once Roubler completes the payroll, your information is seamlessly updated within your accounting software, eliminating the need for manual data entry.

Fully integrated payroll

All employee details and their workforce data is captured by Roubler into the one integrated system, from which Roubler automatically calculates each individual’s pay. No more manual data entry, double-handling or costly human errors.

Synced employee details

Employee changes and updates are automatically synced so details only ever need to be entered once. Reclaim your time through Roubler by eliminating paperwork, administration and double-handling.

Drag and drop employee information

Completely eliminate data entry for new or existing employees. Drag and drop employee information from other platforms into Roubler and have it automatically processed and categorised into the relevant fields within Roubler’s single database. Roubler does all the thinking, admin and data processing for you.

Payroll error notifications

Errors are a thing of the past, as Roubler’s intelligent system can automatically detect and remove inaccurate information – helping you take care of problems before they occur.

Automatic award compliance

Roubler’s inbuilt award interpretation ensures that your employee’s wages, overtime, allowances, shift loadings and entitlements are automatically calculated against the relevant award. Automatic award compliance means you never have to worry about over or underpaying staff.

Synced timesheets

Roubler’s seamless and fully integrated online platform means that the Time and Attendance system is completely integrated with the Payroll system. No chasing paper timesheets and no data entry required. Time & Attendance data is automatically synced to the Payroll, ensuring there’s no timesheet inaccuracies. Save costs by ensuring you only pay for hours worked.

One tap pay

Automated payroll calculates against award interpretation, and time and attendance information. No more countless hours of manual data entry – approve and pay your entire payroll in one tap.

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