Before their next shift, Roubler’s system notifies each employee with shift details, reminders, travel information—all based on the employee’s preferred mode of transport. Once at the site, the employee signs in/out in real-time through Roubler’s inbuilt, online timeclock. This can be done using a designated, on-site mobile device or through their own mobile.

  • Award compliance
  • Inbuilt time clock
  • View employee attendance and performance live
  • Avoid overstaffing or understaffing costs
  • Avoid unnecessary overtime costs
  • Manage employee punctuality
  • Live employee tracking
  • Instant employee communication
  • Safety check
  • Automatically synced to payroll

Features of our online time and attendance software for your employees

Award compliance

Roubler’s online time and attendance software automatically calculates any combination of time rates, overtime, complex arrangements such as higher duties or split shifts, leave entitlements, superannuation and other industry-specific provisions. Updates issued by Fair Work Australia are automatically integrated into Roubler’s service, at no extra charge. Roubler removes the hassle of trying to stay across legislative changes, allowing you to focus on managing your workforce.

Inbuilt time clock

Roubler’s sign in/out process is in real-time through its inbuilt, online timeclock. Roubler’s sophisticated technology can detect when an employee is within 15 metres of the workplace and sends a prompt directly to the employee to remind them to sign-in at the designated, on-site mobile device or through the candidate’s mobile device. Roubler ensures the sign-in coincides with the time of shift start, not the time that an employee entered on-site. By automating the timesheet process and using real-time data, our online employee time attendance software stops time theft and saves you money.

View employee attendance and performance live

Roubler provides a real-time snapshot of your employee’s time, attendance, absenteeism, staff turnover, safety and skill levels for a particular shift. Stay in control of performance, productivity, and labour costs at any point in time, from anywhere.

Avoid overstaffing or understaffing costs

Roubler’s service for Australia reduces unnecessary staffing costs as you no longer need to over-staff shifts in case of absences. If there’s a staff absence, Roubler will help you fill it at a moment’s notice. Roubler’s technology is a game-changer for industries, such those working to high-seasonality demands, who need the flexibility to expand or contract their workforce at a moment’s notice.

Avoid unnecessary overtime costs

Roubler’s real-time sign-in/sign-out functionality puts an end to unnecessary overtime costs as you’re only paying for actual time worked – down to the minute.

Manage employee punctuality

Through Roubler, employees can tap and send an alert that they’re running late. This allows you to be proactive at the commencement of the shift, and if needed, source alternative candidates so that workplace productivity isn’t compromised. Roubler is the most efficient way to manage your workforce and maintain productivity.

Live employee tracking

Prior to their next shift, the online time and attendance software provides each individual with tailored, travel-to-site information. Roubler has the sophisticated technology to pre-plan the travel route and timetable based on the employee’s preferred method of travel. Closer to the start of shift, Roubler can predict if the employee is likely to be late using real-time GPS and will intuitively send the employee a push notification suggesting that they seek an alternative travel method.

Instant employee communication

Roubler provides employees with around the clock access to schedules and shift change details, combined with SMS, email and push notification reminders of upcoming shifts. This gives employees less chance to misread or forget shifts and gives you greater peace of mind that the roster will be filled as planned.

Safety check

Roubler conducts a safety check when the employee is signing out to ensure no safety incidents occurred during the shift. This check avoids any surprise claims from being lodged at a later date.

Automatically synced to payroll

Information sourced from time and attendance is seamlessly transferred to Roubler’s payroll, so you’ll never need to manually enter information or use a paper timesheet again.

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