Performance Management Software for Australia

Roubler provides valuable dashboard filled with insights and key analytics on staff turnover, lateness, safety incidents, unplanned absenteeism, overtime, skill requirements and shift management. Using advanced technology, this data is consolidated and assessed live to provide a single, performance metric. Enjoy convenience access to all data right from your mobile device and make informed decisions efficiently.

  • Live view of workforce performance
  • Employee performance ranking
  • Training platform integration
  • Live dashboard reporting and results
  • Employee profile

Workplace management software benefits

Live view of workforce performance

Roubler provides workforce analytics around instant, real-time labour costs for the day/week/month/year and can compare against similar industries on a global scale. Roubler’s live reporting means you have access to real-time data on roster performance, workforce performance, productivity levels and cost of labour.

Employee performance ranking

The workforce management software uses algorithms to rank your employees’ past and current performance. View a snapshot of your top 10 performers, bottom 10 performers or any employee in-between. Improve productivity by knowing who’s performing and most importantly, who’s not.

Training platform integration

Rouble delivers training to any of your staff, anywhere, at any time, with training assigned individually, by role or as needed. Easily add and update your training packages, or access them through your preferred supplier, using Roubler’s third-party integration. Ensuring your employees are adequately skilled and trained will increase your workforce productivity and efficiency.

Live dashboard reporting and results

Rouble’s performance management software for Australia presents a wealth of analytics and numbers that show insights into staff turnover, lateness, safety occurrences, skills assessment, overtime, skill requirements and more. Using efficient technology, the system assesses all data in real-time, giving a measurable, tangible metric. For example, your operations could be running at 78.52% at this moment in time, but within a second of time, it could be at 72.83% because of a safety threat or a late starter. Access this data in real-time on your mobile device and make well-informed decisions in an instant.

Employee profile

Employees can view their own personalised information and make updates at anytime through the Roubler employee profile page on the workforce management software. Users can view their rosters, conduct job searches, view earnings, access payroll information and history, download payslips, update payroll information, update tickets, licenses, qualifications and receive live job offers. Direct employee access to Roubler saves you time and reduces paperwork.

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