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Roubler delivers induction programs that are specific to the industries of your employees online, allowing them to be prepared and ready as soon as they set foot in the workplace. The onboarding software naturally pre-populates its database from data provided in resumes, and sources any missing details directly from that specific employee.

  • Transition your existing workforce
  • Candidate “reserves bench”
  • Reduce admin costs
  • Induction program integration
  • Easier, paperless on-boarding
  • Inbuilt onboarding program
  • Hire directly through Roubler’s onboarding software

Onboarding software features

Transition your existing workforce

Roubler seamlessly integrates with your existing workforce software by importing a database into the Roubler system. This seamless integration instantly provides you with an end-to-end workforce management service so you can focus on the core of your business. Save time and make the transition today.

Candidate “reserves bench”

Roubler offers a “reserves bench” where you can ‘favourite’ shortlisted candidates who you don’t have immediate vacancies for in your roster but want to let them know you are interested. With a swipe of a button, you can place these candidates on your reserves bench to access them in the future and have them ready at a moment’s notice. This ensures you always have the best candidates at your fingertips.

Reduce admin costs

Roubler eliminates the frustrating paper trail by empowering candidates to enter their information at their own convenience, automatically reducing your admin costs. Roubler’s end-to-end workforce management service means that once the data is in the system, it never needs to be entered again.

Easier, paperless on-boarding

Roubler’s inbuilt on-boarding program is completely paperless as all information is collected online. Manage your workforce from anywhere, saving you time, money and hassle.

Induction program integration

Roubler delivers industry specific induction programs to your employees online so they’re job-ready as soon as they set foot on-site. Easily add your own induction program or alternatively, Roubler can access programs through your preferred provider using inbuilt third-party integration. Flexible and seamless employee inductions ensure your workforce productivity and performance levels are never compromised.

Inbuilt onboarding program

Roubler’s onboarding program automatically captures all employee details prior to the start of shift. Roubler intuitively pre-populates its database based on the information provided in resumes and sources any missing details directly from the employee. This feature not only completely eliminates your manual, data entry workload but also ensures that when your employees start work, they're actually working and being productive.

Hire directly through Roubler’s onboarding software

Roubler provides a third-party hire option, allowing you to access candidates who have already been assessed, screen and have undertaken the relevant inductions—directly through Roubler as the legal employer. Providing you with access 24/7, this onboarding software allows your business in Australia to hire in moment’s notice. Better yet, this system will be ready to take full legal responsibility and manage your candidates throughout the entire employee lifecycle– allowing you to streamline your hiring model even further.

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