Search for Talent in Australia with Our Applicant Tracking System

Use Roubler’s job advertisement template to select your candidate requirements such as education and certifications. With one click, Roubler’s applicant tracking software will automatically search within its exclusive talent pool and post your job across multiple job boards in Australia to capture the attention of hundreds of job seekers.

  • Exclusive access to talent
  • Automated job advertisements
  • Save hundreds on job advertising costs
  • Getting to Know the Applicant Tracking System
  • Careers Page
  • Advertising ROI analytics
  • Automatic resume analysis and rating system
  • Increase workforce efficiency

Search Features in Our Software

Exclusive access to talent

Sign up to Roubler and have instant and exclusive access to the Roubler Talent Pool of candidates who are pre-screened and ready to work on-demand.

Automated job advertisements

If our applicant tracking system can’t find you the best match within the Roubler Talent Pool, we’ll advertise across SEEK and hundreds of other job boards in Australia within a matter of minutes.

Save hundreds on job advertising costs

The cost of Roubler searching and advertising on your behalf is 90% less than if you were to place the advertisement yourself. Plus there’s the additional cost and time-saving benefit by letting Roubler do all the hard work for you.

Getting to Know the Applicant Tracking System

Roubler takes the data entry out of hiring by automatically collecting resumes, cover letters, notes and feedback in one place, accessible anywhere. The software then intuitively collates the information, together with its automated, online intelligence, to screen and shortlist the most suitable candidates specifically for your organisation. Within a moment’s notice, you’ll get the top 10% ranked applicants who have been evaluated in percentage terms for their suitability exclusive to your workforce needs. As no organisation is ever the same, this candidate suitability metric will also differ from one organisation to the next. The system sources the right employees, not just employees.

Careers Page

Create a your own hosted, customisable, branded careers website in minutes. Roubler posts jobs on your careers site to ensure you get the best applicants both internally and externally. No training required.

Advertising ROI analytics

Roubler collects analytics and delivers reports to help you refine your recruiting process and analyse which search method is delivering the best return on investment.

Automatic resume analysis and rating system

Roubler’s highly sophisticated, online intelligence can find your perfect candidate from hundreds or thousands of resumes within minutes. The applicant tracking software automatically scans and analyses resumes, evaluates candidate skills and experience, and predicts behavioural traits through features such as language analysis. An applicant suitability rating is developed in percentage terms, which reflects each candidate’s ‘fit’ exclusive to your workforce needs. Simply swipe or tap on any mobile device to confirm Roubler’s shortlisted suggestions. All the hard work is done for you.

Increase workforce efficiency

Roubler’s service saves on time, cost and improves performance. It’s also completely online so you can get up and running now. Roubler’s seamless and fully integrated platform means no paperwork, no double-handling and no administrative headaches.

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