Interested candidates apply through Roubler and enter their details. Roubler automatically shortlists and ranks which applicants are most suitable for your specific workforce requirements, ready for your swipe of approval.

  • Instant shortlist
  • Find employees that suit your workplace
  • Applicant Matching System
  • Global and local comparisons
  • Quality Candidates

Candidate match features

Instant shortlist

Superior to any existing tool within the marketplace, Roubler’s inbuilt algorithm instantly assesses the employee’s suitability for both the role and the organisation. Roubler automatically discounts those applicants who aren’t the right fit and shortlists only the best candidates specific to your workplace requirements. This intuitive technology is set to change the way you hire.

Find employees that suit your workplace

Roubler automatically rates candidates out of 100 using online intelligence and inbuilt machine learning algorithms. The rating is based on workplace fit, suitability and past job performance to distinguish candidates from one another based on your requirements. As job criteria and culture differs between workplaces, candidates will often rate differently between organisations. The result is a successful recruitment process through which you get the best candidate for the job and your workplace.

Applicant Matching System

Roubler’s Applicant Matching System shortlists candidates who are most suitable, located within a specific radius and have performed well in a similar role. Roubler’s advanced online intelligence can source past performance metrics, identify any patterns and intuitively form decisions based on this information. In a nutshell, it matches a specific shift with a candidate who performs at their best. Roubler sources the right employees, not just employees.

Global and local comparisons

Operating world-wide, Roubler has access to live employee lifecycle performance data at a global and national level. To determine your workforce’s ‘best match’ formula, this rich global data is localised, consolidated and overlaid to your workforce and analysed in detail to identify what works and doesn’t work, specific to your workforce needs. With this sophisticated technology you can always be assured you’ll get the best employment outcome that’s competitive on a global and national scale.

Quality Candidates

By having access to Roubler’s inbuilt services and exclusive features including the Roubler talent pool and Roubler Rating system, you can be assured that you’re not only saving time and money, but you’re also sourcing quality candidates.

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